Saturday, December 15, 2018

Can Trump be impeached?

The past week clearly was pivotal in showing the extent to which Mr Donald J Trump can lie and mislead people. His former attorney, Micheal Cohen, who once said he would take a bullet for his client, realized the bullet headed his way was really a cannon ball and ducked to become a snitch that could spell trouble for President Trump. To say he was the quarter back directing the play for the Trump empire across not only business deals but hush money and campaign funding would be an understand. While Trump will dismiss him as unimportant person in the Trump organization, the fact remains Cohen may well have spewed out more than what Robert Mueller was looking for.

While Democrats and the anti Trump camp may be rejoicing that they might just have enough to impeach the President, there is a clear matter of legal issues to consider. If President Trump lied under oath to the FBI or the Mueller investigation, then indeed impeachment is a possibility. However, it would then be important to consider what did he lie about? Knowing of the hush money payments and saying he did not while a lie, would not constitute enough of a crime to be impeached upon. However, if it is proved that he knew that some of the money that funded his campaign was illegal and undisclosed then the matter might take a more serious tone.

In a broader sense, the distinctions of lying as an impeachable offense and lying in general, raise more disturbing traits to the persona of  Mr Trump. Yes politicians lie and bend the truth all the time, every one has done it, but Trump has taken lying to not only an art form but has blatantly bended the truth to the point that perhaps he and some of his supporters, have a totally different vision of reality. Coupled with the art of deflection Trumpians tend to still not accept the man is a pathological liar of the highest order. Kelly Anne Conway, his most ardent supporter, on the Chris Cuomo interview kept on repeating that 'Trump did not direct Cohen to break the law." Fair enough he perhaps did not, but that is not the question, the question is was he present in one of the meetings where payments as hush money were discussed?

Presidents cannot be impeached for lying to the public, perhaps because politicians are expected to lie to the electorate! This is ironic in the sense that he lied his whole way through the primaries and into the White House and continues to invent facts as he sees them, and the only retribution he can face is at the ballot box. There is no mechanism to hold him accountable other than the election or within the media. What all this means is that unless the Mueller probe comes up with a smoking gun that is directly linked to President Trump himself most likely President Trump will run out his term.

However, if Mueller does not get the link directly to Trump, and this is not the focus of his investigation, but indicts Trump Jr, or others close to him then the tightly spun web of deceit into the Trump camp will begin to unravel. It is also possible Trump may be infuriated by any indictment of a family member and will simply start a serious of questionable executive orders, pardons and firings which will perhaps save his family but leave the Trump Presidency open to impeachment. An unhinged Trump is not going to be a pleasant sight for anyone. The core of the Republican party is perhaps also fed up with the way things have turned out and might not have the will to continue to support a President who has become an embarrassment to many of them.

The base of Trumps support amongst the public, however, will not have any of this. To them Trump is making America great again and that slogan itself evokes a sense of patriotism, as false as it may be, that Trump relies on the most. His survival instincts are honed into playing to mainly that segment of the American public, a segment that has become his die hard base, to whom the man's lying, questionable ethics of business and his total lack of respect for others is seen as a man who is doing the right thing in their eyes. This is the division that Trump has brought to American politics, a division that he flaunts with gusto because it is where he feels he is right and everything he and his cohorts spin off feed into the mainstream of this base.

In the real political world if Trump is faced with impeachment his base may rally with protests and noise, but in the legal sense none of it can be consequential to a possible impeachment. The merits of whether he can be impeached all go back to the Mueller probe and this is why he and his base continue to call for its shut down. The Mueller probe is not about Trump, its about simply one fact whether the Russians interfered with the US election and how? It so happens that in investigating that many aspects of the conduct of people close to Trump, (Manafort, Flynn, Cohen et al) have come up which have created different smaller, but more significant, investigations into Trump Jr meeting the Russians, campaign finances, election rule violations, and even money laundering. These are the things which could lead to a more focused finger pointing to Mr Trump himself. While in fairness nothing has been revealed thus far other than his lying about certain matters related to hush money payments, the fat lady, or the tall man in this case, (Mueller) still has not sung.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Trump, Mueller and the approaching meltdown.

Donald J Trump has two very distinct traits which coexist, diametrically opposed to each other, within his persona. We know on the one hand he has a very thin skin, and yet on the other hand looking by the comments on his post he has a panache to ignore the noise he does not like. While this sounds like a complicated contradiction in a confused man, he functions in a manner that allows him not to switch on and off from each trait, but simply to let them coexist as strange bedfellows.

He has handled the Mueller probe into Russian meddling in US elections pretty much ignoring his once close buddies fall one by one and his ability to simply be indifferent to their plight On the other hand any direct comment to his own possible involvement or that of his family has provoked sharp reactions. Some time back at the start of his election campaign he seemed to draw two red lines; do not attack my family and do not probe into my finances.

By bringing the family not only into the campaign but also into the White House he essentially he positioned them into an arena where their actions are fair game to comment on. His intransigence over disclosing his true financial position along with the tax returns has a great deal to do with the supposed shady past of his fund raising for his businesses.

However, with the Mueller investigation a collision course is inevitable between Mr Trump and Bob Mueller. While it would be far fetched to conclude that Trump himself directed and participated in interference by the Russians, his knowledge of certain events, which he denies, may be exposed. While this would honor him with the Noble Prize for deception and lying it may well not carry the weight of enough wrong doing to be impeached.

However, there is an achilles heel to Trump and that is his son Donald Trump jr, who it is established did encourage and even participate in contact with the Russians to dig up dirt on Hilary Clinton. Is that an offense? We wait to see what concludes on that legal aspects. But it would seem that Mueller might indict Trump jr. for multiple counts of lying and misleading the FBI and the special counsel probe. Even if he does not disclose who those two phone calls were to on or around the time of the meeting with the Russians in the Trump Tower, there may well be enough for Mueller to at least make some charges stick on the junior Trump.

Now were this to happen, which seems highly likely, Donald Trump, the President, will completely lose his marbles. His rage will not be via a Twitter storm, but more likely by wielding his Presidential powers. This could be a general pardon for his son, Paul Manafort and a whole host of people who would be under the Mueller probe. Firing Mueller is difficult and perhaps too late as some suggest the indictments are already made and under seal. It is also possible that Trump will in his rage fire the Assistant Attorney General, go after his own party leaders for not supporting him on stopping 'this witch hunt' as he calls the probe.

Trump would feel emboldened by his now near fanatical base, even though in the scheme of the nation its small, but noisy, and take measures that would be tantamount to a dictator in a third world country ensuring he and his cohorts are above the law. Legally there is no denying that he has the legal power to pardon any one he chooses to and does not have to assign a reason for doing so. While some may argue a pardon would have political fall out Trump cannot afford. That may be true in so far as we talk of Manafort and others, but when it comes to his son, Trump would not care of fall out. His base would say 'well what do you expect a good father to do other than protect his son?' and Trump has disclaimed the investigation enough times to simply say his pardons protect peoples lives being wrecked by the Mueller probe.

If we have seen Trump mad we have noticed that all pretense of being Presidential goes out of the window. In the event Trump Jr is indicted his worst rages thus far will look quiet and calm as the pianist at the lobby of one his hotels. What we will see is blood seeking rage and the man will tear up the Constitution, the White House and even the whole country till he feels he has got his own way. This is the reality of Donald J Trump and soon we will see a day of reckoning when he will have to choice to accept the circumstances of the indictment and let the court deal with the matter, or he will take matters in his own hands (small ones) and rip every one around him to shreds.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Breaking Up of the United States.

Nations are not only defined by the borders they live within but by the traditions and values of the institutions they build and the values that become the guiding principles of society. Democracy flourishes when these institutions and values not only become the ethos of the nation but also something that in a sense remains inviolable and sacred.  The traditions of a free and independent press, a fair and just judiciary, a politically educated population and the respect for the rule of law all become pillars upon which democratic nations rest.

Since 2015 the galvanizing of political support during the US Presidential elections set in motion a trend of intolerance, divisiveness, and a political cult of hate which continues to this day. The fact that a hyperbole of fear was created through lies and misinformation is often ignored even by people who defend it knowing that they are defending lies shows the extent to which the manipulation of political consent of the people continues. At the center of this erosion of values that define democracy is a man none other than Donald J Trump, the President of the United States.

For those of us who though the electioneering rhetoric would be replaced by a more Presidential Mr. Trump, were rudely awakened to his first lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. That blatant lie carried two very important insights, one, that he had no problem with lying, and two, he was going to be obsessed to shown he is more popular and a better President that Barrack Obama. However, it was not that alone; he continued his attack on the Press, calling anyone who disagreed with him as Fake News, and blatantly made derogatory remarks about who ever offended him.

The confrontation with a CNN reporter after the mid term elections, and then the use of a doctored video to justify the withdrawal of the press pass of the reporter all indicate troubling times for the way US values of democracy are being chipped away by this man. His ardent supporters will continue to buy the doctrine of 'fake news' that is espoused by Trump and his close circle, ignoring that the majority of reputable news networks cannot simple peddle fake news. Admittedly, some of them do have a bias and this is quite normal in a free press environment, but to expect them to be lackey's of the White House, as some claim Fox News has become, is stretching the imagination too far.

What is all this doing to the soul of the United States? Without a doubt the average American is a decent hard working, and even if not having a worldly view, is still a human being with values for life and liberty. While the shape and tone of tolerance may vary across America, it has never been afraid to confront the issues that sat uncomfortably with the norms of democracy; thanks largely to  free press. The issue of segregation, the protests to the Vietnam war, the over sight of misuse of Presidential power by Nixon, the unbecoming behavior of Bill Clinton as President, all were under the scrutiny of the press and brave reporters and journalists became the voice of the 'unheard'.

More importantly, the free press always held President's and their administration accountable, even though one may argue at times the press manufactured 'consent' as it did over the WMD issue and Iraq, on balance it kept a check on a president going rouge. This is not the world Donald Trump wants or respects, and him calling the press the 'enemy of the people'. To students of history this is a shocking reference as through history it has been used by totalitarian governments and fascists with alarmingly similarity to President Trump.

In 1794 during the French Revolution a law was passed that people who spread 'false news, (yes the same term was used back then) were the enemies of the people and such crimes were 'punishable by death.' Hitler and his cohorts repeatedly called Jewish writers guilds and other groups opposed to the Nazi policies as 'enemies of the people.' Stalin in a closed door address to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union called journalists, thinkers, and intellectuals who opposed the government as 'enemies of the people', and carried out the most repressive measures against them.

Donald Trump does not read, and certainly does not read history, his entire knowledge of history can perhaps be put on the back of a postage stamp and leave space to spare. He perhaps does not realize in his bid to consolidate power he is using the tools of trade used by dictators and his supporters, much like the millions of German's who not only stood by, but adopted the Nazi slogans are doing exactly the same. These are otherwise very rationale and perhaps intelligent people who, when it comes to Trump, abandon all logic and anything against him is seen as unpatriotic. Interesting that all dictators equated criticism of them as leaders to be the same as being unpatriotic.These parallels are chilling and at the heart of it they are dividing the United States.

People have become less tolerant of political differences, they have given up years of friendship just become one is a Republican and the other a Democrat. While the Democrats may well carry the burden of their own rhetoric there is no denying that the fuel to the fire that today divides America comes from the mouth of Donald Trump alone. He instills fear in the people, like the migrant caravan, which suddenly today, a week after the mid term elections, is not even spoken off. He has no issue with dropping words that have racist tones and then plead normalcy in his speech.

The United States needs to take back the values that make it such a great nation. It needs to stop this division and the behavior that ferments this hate and stand up for the freedom of the press. Sadly few realize that the fissures that Mr Trump has been driving into the social fabric of American society will not only become massive cracks, they will divide the country up in a manner where generations will pass before the healing sets in.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Pakistan: Aasia Bibi verdict and its lessons.

The acquittal of Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman accused in Pakistan of blasphemy and sentenced to death, brought home some truths about the prejudice towards minorities. While the Supreme Court of Pakistan found no evidence of her alleged crime in its momentous decision highlight the need to understand the issues that plague minorities in our society. The extreme elements of radical mullahs want none of this and believe the woman should be hanged and have taken to the streets, ignoring that the basic tenant of Islam is that she should have been proven to be guilty without a shadow of doubt, they have taken to agitation and openly calling for the general to revolt.

All this took me back to my own life in Pakistan and I recalled an incident that happened when i was about 12 years old. Every summer we worked on my father farm harvesting wheat and one day being very thirsty I reached for a glass, poured some water in it and drank it. A man who was a villager working on the farm came up to me and said I just drank from Yunus Masih's glass and he is a Christian. I said "So what? He is a human being?" The man told me it was 'na Pak' (unclean) to drink or eat from a non muslims utensils. I told him its OK, and walked off.

At the root of the case against Aasia Bibi is the incident where two Muslim women accused her of using their utensils and being a Christian they felt she committed a grave crime and the argument flared from there. Now, over 40 years since my little incident I researched this subject. There is nothing in the Quran or the Hadith that forbids a Muslim to eat or drink from the utensils of a Christian or a Jew (People of the Book). A Hadith only mentions if you know a plate has been used to serve pork and there is no other alternate then you may wash the plate and use it.

We as Pakistanis fail to accept the influence of Hindu culture and practice in our society, because to all intents and purpose hundreds of years ago our ancestry is Hindu or at least influenced by Hindu's. Hindus, especially strict Brahmins, believe that a certain section of society, even Hindus, who engage in menial jobs are 'untouchables' and it is forbidden to even touch them. This whole concept on Pakistani society that Christians are not allowed to touch our plates or glasses etc come from the over hang of this concept of 'untouchables' that was in society in undivided India, and to this day exists in India.

My mother was a convert and her acceptance of Islam was a private matter and nothing she advertised or boasted about. She retained her maiden name of 'Amita' and wore a sari all her life. However, now with hindsight I often wonder how much of this played a role in my father, a highly decorated officer, not being promoted to Major General? (Perhaps it did not help matters that my mother was a very outspoken on women's rights). Growing up alot of my friends were Parsi or Christian and not once did I personally feel any difference from them or towards them. My curiosity to their different faith often resulted in my mother telling me to read about their faith and understand it.

Somewhere in the convoluted history of Pakistan all this changed and intolerance became the hallmark of being considered a 'good muslim', the mullah, assumed the role of the apostle for the uneducated and his word the gospel. The intolerance that followed mixed with the history of a nation that never quite faced its own demons resulted in all Christians and Non Muslims to be considered outcasts. These uneducated self appointed guardians of our glorious religion do not know or appreciate the role of minorities in the service of Pakistan. Names like Justice Cornelius (a Christian), Justice Dorab Patel (a Hindu) , Raja Tridiv Roy ( Buddhist), Jamshed Marker (a Parsi) and many more mean nothing to these men whose ignorance is only matched by their intolerance. These and many more are the names of men who had principles and stood for what Pakistan was to its founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah. These men, without a doubt, paid a huge personal price to make that vision of Pakistan that is now being chipped away with each sermon from these extremist mullahs.

I have had my personal journey too, and come to the fold of Islam in my own unique way, and in the process learned from my mother that you cannot be a true Muslim till you clear your doubts by questioning them. But then one cannot be on some crusade to point fingers at others and yet have the courage to speak up with in the name of Islam people like these mullahs in Pakistan condemn a woman to death on false charges. Where they use religion as a tool to manipulate the masses to meet their own political ends.

Aasia Bibi's case has brought to our conscious that the Supreme Court found her non guilty on all counts and they, rightfully said in their judgement that they are the highest court in the land not just for Muslims but for all those tried under the laws of Pakistan. The three judges have done their part now for the vast majority of Pakistani's it is time to stand up and tell these miscreants on the streets making a noise that they cannot hijack the verdict, they cannot change the writ of the law to suit their own motives. Failure to do so will only play into the hands of these elements who are a disgrace to a religion that seeks fairness to its minorities, and after decades of mistreatment this verdict takes a giant step towards making things right. But, its only one step, the rest we all have to take together.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trump and Twitter: The role of social media in US Politics.

President Trump, as candidate for the Presidential election, whether by design or through the sheer twist of his personality used social media, and especially Twitter, to create a phenomenon that actually won him the election. I do not believe this was a thought out strategy but it fell into a space where his personality benefited from the use of this 160 words messaging blitz per message and as it snowballed into a massive following of over 55 million followers, it became his chosen platform of communication. While admittedly not all 55 million are his ardent admirers it did draw into his base of followers. Without disrespect to his base, most of them did not prefer to delve into the 3000 word articles analyzing the position of different candidates on national and even international issues. Like Trump their attention span fitted into the Twitter format perfectly.

But this was only the backdrop in which then candidate Trump and now President, tweeted over 35,000 tweets in the past year alone. Spending months analyzing Trumps Twitter behavior reveals something interesting. Not prone to a serious debate or deep intellectual discourses on the state of the world or the US, Trump realized that he could say anything on Twitter and in a nano second it would not only be read but believed by his followers. If it was a lie, and many of his tweets were fabrications, then people would, much like the world of Twitter just simply move on.

His biggest coup was apparent when Hilary Clinton was speaking at the Democratic Convention and while she was speaking, Donald Trump was tweeting, in real time, his rebuttals, some of which were not accurate, to a much larger audience. Having sent his tirade of tweets out while Hilary was speaking he forced the hand of the press corp to then not only report on what Hilary had said but in real time also refer to what Trump had said on those issues. This was unprecedented as in the past such a speech would have been reported as it happened only the next day or hours later the rebuttals from opposing candidates would be reported. In a sense Trump was diluting Hilary's message.

Because no one in political circles had seen this sort of use of social media the political pundits considered Trump inexperienced, immature politically to have a serious view point. But these intellectual stalwarts forgot one important thing, Trump was outflanking them and appealing to the very people who did not read or want to read the lengthy articles in the main media. Like Trump they liked in the world of the nano second, and it did not matter to them what anyone else said but like it or not Trump had not only the first move advantage on Twitter, he relentlessly hogged that space.

Fact checking Trumps tweets does reveal in general he was lying, bending facts, or simply attacking people. But this did not matter because much like Twitters architecture a message has a limited life out there and yes people can comment and correct the tweet, but still the original message has found its mark. Importantly Trump followed one cardinal rule, he ignored all replies to his tweets, even those that praised him, the few that they were, because to him these views that did not agree with him did not matter, they were just noise. The media outlets that liked his message believed his tweets with messianic fervor, his detractors laughed at him, but beneath the surface he managed to communicate with his base in a simple language they liked, truth or not.

As President, Trump has not given up Twitter and even used it to go after North Korea, China, Nato, Mexico, Canada, you name it and he has done it. Many purists believe, and rightly so, that Twitter during a campaign and Twitter as President are two different roles and it is not becoming of the President of the United States to use Twitter to demean and attack people. However, perhaps its a habit with Donald Trump that he cannot quit Twitter, or that he simply believes the electioneering must continue and twitter is the weapon of choice to him. Even as President the spread of lies through Twitter does not bother him because unlike other President these mid term elections are really a battle for his survival. He knows if his predicted red wave falters, then even his supporters in Congress will jump ship, all the more reason many of them have followed him for the fear that his base may turn against them. However, in time the US public will realize that his core base cannot be larger than the electorate and the test of that is around the corner.

For the moment Trump has only two weapons in his hands; his public rallies and his Twitter account. He has spent less time working as President than he has on the campaign trail trying to get his loyal candidates elected, sometimes sounding as if it was he fighting the election and not them. It seems its a matter of time when, like Kanye West, others realize that Donald Trump has used and abused their support. For the moment one has to give him his due credit for knowing the power of Twitter was powerful enough to tell lies and still be elected.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Pakistan: The bitter IMF pill.

As much as newly elected PM Imran Khan, did not want to go to the IMF with begging bowl in hand, the sad reality is that its door is being knocked on for an emerging funding to prevent a serious default of Pakistan's $95 billion debt. In 2015 this debt stood at $66 billion and the the obvious question is $29 billion additional debt was amassed in just three years? To harp on the inefficiencies and mismanagement of previous governments is not going to solve the crisis at hand. Clearly, if the $8 billion emergency package is approved by the IMF it will come with a whole host of bitter pills for the people. Increased taxes, increased power rates, removal of some subsidies and a demand for austerity.

There is an old adage that a country deserves the leaders it chooses. If we as Pakistani's have chosen past governments who have dug us deeper into the debt hole with each term of office then we ought to be ready for the pain to claw our way back out of it. Let there be no mistake that this will not take 100 days and Imran Khan and his team ought to be careful to over promise a recovery too soon. I am not sure he has the right team in place, given that Atif Mian, a prominent economist who happened to belong to the Ahamadi sect, was forced to leave the advisory council in a shameful bowing to religious fundamentalists.

The cost of living will no doubt go up with these measures but there are some fundamental structural issues that need to be resolved. Fiscal discipline is indeed one of the main priorities coupled with not only austerity but also ensuring that developmental expenditures are spent in the right way. It seemed one of the previous governments felt building motorways was the only way to show for progress; even though they may have helped, but infrastructure improvements on their own is like firing blanks at a tank coming your way. Investment into industries, especially export related industries has to be encouraged, bringing confidence to the private sector and also ensuring that the accountability drive does not needlessly target the genuine business investments.

The tax base has to be broadened; it is projected that currently only 1% of Pakistani's pay income tax. While efforts and promises to broaden the tax base have been made in the past the results have been mediocre. Something innovative has to be thought out about this and there has to be a careful rethink of the tax structure too. Cigarettes as an example are still 25% of the price of what they are in Dubai! I believe export related earnings should be given a tax credit that can be used to off set the income tax for the owners and a strict vigilance be maintained to make sure over invoicing and other tactics are not used to inflate export earnings to misuse the tax incentives.

There also has to be a frank talk with the Military and the military defense expenditure to be brought down. Yes there is a war on terror, for which the US has said they will not pay, and there are security concerns across the board, but surely the military can also see where they can cut expenditures and bring about a reduction in of the largest line items on the budget expense side. In addition, rationalizing the size of the government administration would also be a useful undertaking. However as much as the expense items can be controlled or reduced the real trick is to get the income side to perform better.

The income mainly would be in three broad categories; exports, taxes and remittances from Pakistani's abroad. While the Khan government has said they will announce some measures for the last item some simple steps are needed. The embassies in countries where there are large Pakistani populations working need to be improved. As a matter of policy in these countries no positions in the embassies should be filled by political appointees, and the best of the best should be placed there. In some cases the embassies and consulates are in a terrible state of disrepair and one feels one has walked into a 1950's building which may fall down any time.

The big question is that with an IMF package will come loads of conditions and no matter how our jingoistic feelings prompt us to consider we are being dictated to, the fact remains these conditions have to be accepted and only when measures within the country improve can there be a change in the mood of the lenders. I am not sure that the Imran and his team quite understand that the backbone of their success will ultimately be judged not on the rhetoric that is espoused from the pulpit but the success of some hard decisions that have to be taken. The team that should carry this out has to be first class and a good first step would be to make sure all the PTI stakeholders do not again raise objections to the color, sex, or religion of any member of the team.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Trump: Proud of You.

President Donald J Trump, I am, as a foreigner not wanting to immigrate to your country, proud of you. You have brought attention to your role as President like no president before you. You were accused of a thin skin, how untrue. Today I spent half an hour looking through your Twitter posts and on the UN speech tweet you had 12,500 replies and comments. I believe if you read them all you will notice 99% were not complimentary of you, how can you have a thin skin. Anyone else subjected to that sort of abuse would have closed their Twitter account but not someone with thick skin like you. Its like rhino hide, much like of the one your sons killed in Africa.

Your performance at the UN General Assembly was so misunderstood. These so called world leaders do not appreciate Trumpian humor, how would they know that you were being satirical in saying no President has achieved as much as you have. How would they remember that you were making a jibe at your own tweet of 2009 that Mr. Obama was the laughing stock of the world. That's it! They did not laugh at you, they laughed at the subtle reference you made to that episode of 2009. Bravo you are not only intelligent but your humor is also so subtle that the Fake News media does not follow it.

While all this was going on Bill Cosby, the once famous comedian, was sentenced for sexually assaulting a woman, how silly of the media to refer to you and the 19 or so women who accuse you of sexual assaults. There is no parallel; you are a politician Cosby was a comedian, you are the leader of the world, after all even Cosby cannot make a 189 world leaders laugh at his jokes. Cosby should have hired your ex lawyer Cohen and paid them off, after all if you pay a woman you molest its then consensual sex. The only one who can object to it is your wife and she won't say a word.

We are also proud of the way you handle pressure of the media. Yes call it call fake then its for them to prove things, and even if they do remember its a President's word against that off a low life reporter. When things are on fire that seem to suggest you lit the fire, you go along and light another fire, or douse petrol on a 'trusted' person and let him burn to distract the people. Your recent comment to watch out for China interfering in the mid term elections is such a lovely side pass to deflect from your Russian friends. This is what makes you a great President, no one, and I mean no one, can pin anything on you because as President you define reality and therefore you define the truth.

As we enter into a trade war you have shown resolve that no other President could show. Never before has a President discarded good advice to pursue what you believe is right, considering soon you will have farmers suffering and businesses who survive on exports wondering what happened. But then understanding a concept of Making America Great Again is not something that people who went to fancy universities can understand.

It is good that you had your press guys to send you the names of all the world leaders who laughed at you at the UNGA session. You are right they are not our allies and if it means all 189 countries laughed at you then remember all of America is behind you when you severe diplomatic ties with of them. May we suggest you ask the UN to move their head quarters from US soil. Its time they understand you cannot laugh on the US President and still get to be in New York.