Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sher Value: Learning from Vegas

One of the big challenges of any leisure and tourism model is to create the pull that not only brings in tourists but also keeps them entertained. UAE in general and Dubai in particular have taken a solid positioning into the arena of leisure and tourism and the mushrooming of hotels and theme parks are slowly taking their tentative steps from the drawing board to the building sites. However, we ought to look around and see what is out there, and if someone got it right in terms of pure entertainment value look at Las Vegas.

Indeed the perception in the minds of most is that Vegas would not work without the gambling, but then that is for Vegas. For the UAE the lesson to learn from Vegas is really about the entertainment value, which quite frankly, is the best in the world here in Vegas. I would agree that for Vegas the pull has been the gambling and perhaps 8 in 10 people go there for that, but this has begun to change as some people will come for the entertainment or the business conventions that are becoming a feature of this place.

Where Dubai would have an edge on Vegas is the quality of the hotels and the service they provide. However a beach and a great hotel is not going to be enough to sustain the business model and this is where it is essential to consider the value of the entertainment content that needs to come to Dubai. To be sustainable and competitive it is vital that the theme parks and entertainment has to be better than what is out there today.

I have seen some of the emerging entertainment and shows that have either been planned or have been shown so far and quite frankly none of them seriously cut the mustard for me. Yes there are some great content offerings under preparation in a handful of projects, but the vast majority of new hotels on the design board are more concerned with the architecture rather than the content within the hotels. This is where developers do not quite see the picture.

However, for superior content to come to Dubai and Abu Dhabi the most important thing to consider is whether this will be fresh content developed for the market or will it be supplanted content like shows and attractions bought and planted here? Development is hard work but indeed the most rewarding in terms of customer appreciation and repeat or recommended visitation. Purchased content has issues of adaptation and in some cases may test the sensitivities of people in the region. Either way we have to get real and understand the challenge ahead is not only about bringing in great architects to built great hotels, but to look inside the envelope and think of some really cool ideas, failing in this simple but crucial aspect would cost millions to developers.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to deliver a few notes from German/European view.

Dubai has all chances and possibilities to become Las Vegas of the east.
For religious reasons gambling is not possible, but in the range shows, Maintenance and “Entertainment hotel”, can draw even Dubai at least.
Dubai has to develop the chance again from the outset a city, which more simply is to be changed like an existing large city.
Which will need Dubai is time and patience.
The reservations abroad western are still large, the cultural and legal differences are enormous.
The western property markets become by the decrease of the population and the obsolescence in 20 years falling prices have.
The markets of the Future are south China, Eastern Europe and Dubai.
Dubai can become the commercial turntable between Europe and Asia, one the largest Tourismus destinations world-wide and the point of Living for wealthy private people from all world. In the measure like the prosperity in India, Pakistan, China rises and it a fair To peace in the middle east approximately will, also Dubai will profit.
Dubai should not however only set on 5 stars the hotel tourism, but also families of the central layer with 4 stars hotels strengthens one vacation make possible in Dubai.
Straight one with the thought at Dubailand is the target group the family and not only the wealthy older married couple. They should also take care that there are further parts of the city, that still bewars the Arab nature of Dubai. Dubai has the advantage that it is a visiblly large national territory and thereby they can nearly guarantee absolute security vor visitors.
Differently like for example in South Africa, where wealthy ones protect themselves by high walls must and certain boroughs to enter not be able.
Las Vegas has likewise nearly unlimited financial resources, however a pure retort city without soul is contrary to Dubai.
Regarding security fur holiday-maker can Las Vegas likewise not to keep up, the negative accompaniments such as drugs and criminality are there everyday life.
I would compare Dubai of the future with Singapore, a rich city, cleanly and surely with prosperity for all.
Risks lie in the general political development of the region.

Kind Regards

Rainer Herberich Real Estate Consulting, Wiesbaden Germany